Barb's Roast


Light, bright and crisp. This is our "Doughnut-Blend" - that perfect signature cup that’s a great part of your everyday experience. This is a three bean blend of all South and Central American coffees, roasted together to meld the flavors as they roast. The acidity jumps and profile is rich but mellow - a wonderful, crowd-pleasing profile.


Barbs roast is named after my sister who has ovarian cancer.  She fought and won the battle over stomach cancer but about 4 months later she was diagonsed with ovarian cancer.  That same week we learned that my mom has the same cancer.


$2.00 of the profit of each bag sold will be donated to help women with their treatment during their fight.  Having seen what my family has and still is going through families need faith and strength.


Bean Type

Our coffee is roasted every day to ensure you brew the best coffee every time.

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