Maggie May


This roast is a light Organic Costa Rican coffee. 


$2.00 of each sale is donated to help dogs that suffer from a condition called megaesophagus.  This condition is a generalized enlargement of the esophagus -- a muscular tube connecting the throat to the stomach -- with a decreased to absent motility. Esophageal motility is required for moving food and liquid down to the stomach.


We lost a member of our family to this condition.  Maggie is a special love and is missed.  She lost her fight when she aspirated and devolped pneumonia.  She was in ICU for 5 days before we had to say good bye.  Our donation will help families cover the expenses for an animal that suffers from megaesophagus

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  • Maggie May

    My wife and I have done basset hound rescue for over 26 years and have raised thousands to help homeless bassets fin new homes.  Maggie was one of our special rescues who came to us from an abusive situation.   It took her months to come out of her shell but once she did, what an amazing and funny girl she was.  In 2016 she was diagnosed with a disease called Mega Esophagus and fought bravely until she ultimately lost her battle in January 2018.   She and all of our other rescue babies always helped to raise money for those still waiting for homes.   Sales from Maggie’s Roast will have $2.00 per bag donated to Tri-State Basset Hound Rescue, where our hounds have come from to help other homeless bassets get the care they need until they are adopted.

Our coffee is roasted every day to ensure you brew the best coffee every time.

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